How Ad Blockers Thwart Programmatic Reach

Posted by Apomaya on Jun 3, 2019 9:23:01 PM

Ad blockers monkey with just about every player in the digital ad ecosystem, sometimes even with the users themselves! Likewise, blockers rattle the core of programmatic advertising.

Ad blocker use is big: In 2017, an estimated 615 million devices had third-party ad-blocking software on them worldwide. This number has been climbing by 30 percent year over year, according to PageFair.

In light of consumers’ rising protest against annoying and intrusive online ads—together with major moves by titans such as Apple, which added ad-blocking extensions to its Safari browser—web publishers and advertisers need to adjust their digital marketing strategies. If they don’t, they risk decreasing their programmatic reach.

Failure to adapt is already causing web publishers to leave a big chunk of revenue dollars on the table. estimates that in 2017 U.S. publishers lost $15.8 billion annual revenue to ad blocking. Globally, the loss of publisher revenue from ad blocking rose to $42 billion, up from $28 billion in 2016.

It’s All About the Data

Programmatic advertising is fueled by data. The higher the quality of the data, the more targeted and personalized the campaign. Time and money aren’t wasted on advertising to users who aren’t the best fit for your product or service. Ad dollars are spent more wisely.

Well-culled third-party data makes it easier to:

  • Run finely personalized ad campaigns
  • Tailor marketing messages
  • Target audiences with precision
  • Reach out to new customers knowledgeably and effectively

Programmatic advertising also enables header bidding, another significant source of publisher revenue that diminishes with ad blocking. In a programmatic ecosystem, buyers can bid on ad impressions in real time based on data, often garnering publishers more income than they may have received otherwise.

In contrast, browsers with ad blockers installed generate very little user data, if any at all. Without data, buyers can’t determine the real value of ad placements. Publishers can’t yield the same revenue they would without ad blocking.

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