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Posted by Apomaya on Feb 25, 2020 7:30:50 PM


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Data privacy is increasingly becoming a compliance and legal issue and the liability continues to grow. Last year British Airways and Marriott International were fined $228M and $124M respectively for exposing consumer data. The issue is complex and changing on almost a daily basis and is filled with views and opinions that, depending on the outcome, it can impact revenue and the technology stack for publishers.



Consumers on the other hand want both governments and businesses to ensure that their privacy is protected. They are less concerned about how many ads they have to see (we’ve asked, they are used to it even though it can be an annoyance at times) and more concerned about their data.


Most publishers today have the option for a user to opt in to or opt out of data collection. However, the use of 3rd party tracking technology in ads/fingerprinting and even browser plugins can impact the actual compliance of the website, exposing you to liabilities mentioned earlier. What if there was a simpler solution that publishers could offer their readers for privacy control they are asking for? What if they could trade tracking for access to premium content or get paid for sharing their information? What if they could turn off the tracking and be ensured that their information would be deleted? And, most importantly, what if all of this worked with the existing advertising stack without having to make any changes to the content or site?

Introducing ControlMyData from Apomaya. This is a consumer privacy service that anonymizes all data and tracking elements on your website protecting your users privacy but also allows you to monetize your site through your normal adtech or subscription model


Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 11.10.44 AM


How does it work ? The publisher will provide the user with the option to browse to an anonymized URL - This page is served through Apomaya’s ControlMyData service which allows all critical components of your ad stack to function, however we anonymize the information that is delivered to 3rd parties. There is no impact to your on-site targeting and campaign delivery, and you have the confidence that you are in complete compliance with data privacy rules.

For years, we’ve all heard that our industry will need to take major steps to provide real consent and choice to consumers. The future is here and now is the time to take real action. ControlMyData is the right solution to make it happen. Get in touch with us - we’re here to help you prepare for the future.

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