How Ad Blockers Thwart Programmatic Reach

Posted by Apomaya on Jun 3, 2019 9:23:01 PM

Ad blockers monkey with just about every player in the digital ad ecosystem, sometimes even with the users themselves! Likewise, blockers rattle the core of programmatic advertising.

Ad blocker use is big: In 2017, an estimated 615 million devices had third-party ad-blocking software on them worldwide. This number has been climbing by 30 percent year over year, according to PageFair.

In light of consumers’ rising protest against annoying and intrusive online ads—together with major moves by...

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To Unblock or Not to Unblock - Is that even a Question?

Posted by Apomaya on Oct 29, 2018 6:43:40 PM

Along with ad blocking technology comes a sort of defiance or proclamation of liberty. Advocates insist they have a right to banish digital advertising from their browser experience. In many ways, this is a natural reaction to the numerous annoyances brought by over zealous advertisers: pop-up ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, sticky ads that stay in place regardless of how a user scrolls the screen, countdown ads, and more. These ads are indeed annoying; who could blame a visitor for...

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